Blinds are one of the most popular and affordable choices you can make for window treatments, primarily because of their easy-to-use design. You can either open them up to obtain a full view of the world outside, or you can close them down when you want privacy in your home. For a great many years, blinds were constructed with either aluminum or wooden slats, but some terrific advances in vinyl materials have opened up a great many more options for blinds these days. When it comes to new construction homes, blinds are an ideal choice and there are many options to choose from.

As an example, faux wood blinds have become extremely popular for their appearance and for their durability. Some blinds are adept at darkening a room because they have tight-fitting slats, while others are constructed to withstand the high humidity you might find a bathroom. Blinds can also be very versatile, because you can purchase stock sizes right out of the showroom, or have custom blinds constructed to coordinate with any special window sizes you might have. Here are some of the best blinds you can install in your home.

Faux Wood Blinds

The reason these are such a good choice is that faux wood blinds incorporate the classic appeal of natural wood with the durability of PVC blinds. While imparting an attractive, sophisticated look, these blinds are also extremely easy to maintain, and that makes them a good choice for installation in virtually any home. Faux wood blinds will also resist warping or bending when exposed to prolonged sunshine, humidity, or any of the contaminants which might be floating around your home’s interior.

Cordless Vinyl Mini-Blind

You would be hard-pressed to find a better choice than these when you’re looking for a simple window blind that will provide you with all the privacy you crave. You can purchase these in a number of different color schemes, and since they’re vinyl, they can be very easy to wash and they will resist fading. The cordless feature is ideal if you have young children or pets in your home, so they won’t be playing with the cords all the time and causing problems. This is a low-cost, budget-friendly kind of blind which is great for a replacement blind or for installation in a new construction home.

Semi-Sheer Venetian Blinds

These kinds of blinds have wide slats which fit together very tightly, and that means they are extremely good for privacy and keeping out excess light. It would be one of the best choices available for darkening a room and making it cozy when you’re relaxing at night, and winding down for bedtime. You can even increase the darkening effects delivered by these blinds if you opt for the mahogany-colored variety, or one of several other dark shades.

Wooden Blinds

Expect to pay a little more for wooden blinds, but there is no beating the classic appeal of genuine hardwood blinds, and you can find them in a wide variety of different stains and colors. You can also choose to have a cordless control system, or go with the traditional cord-operated blinds. These blinds have an obvious high-end appeal, and they’re a cut above most other types of blinds. You just can’t beat wooden blinds for warmth and appeal in any room where they’re installed.

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