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When you have a non-standard window with either an unusual size or shape, it can provide a definite sense of style and appeal to your home. However, in practical terms, these kinds of non-standardized windows might present a challenge when seeking appropriate window treatments. Just as the size or shape of the window is customized, you will probably need custom treatments to cover them. Here are some recommendations for how you can go about that.

Window Treatments for Custom Windows

While finding appropriate window treatments for your non-standard windows might seem a bit troublesome, it can certainly be done with a little persistence. One good idea would be to consult a window covering professional who can provide sound suggestions for installing appropriate window treatments.

You’ll probably save a lot of time and energy by collaborating with a professional, but some common approaches to installing custom window treatments over your oddly shaped windows exist. You can research some of these possibilities independently and then consult with a professional to ensure they will work in your household situation. Ultimately, it will come down to what you think looks and performs the best when installed over your custom windows.


You can have blinds custom-made with angled tops that follow the contours of your oddly shaped window. When your blinds are raised, they will rise up to the bottom of the triangle and will always be covered by the slats of the blind. It might be necessary to work with a professional who can take accurate measurements of the window so you can be sure of getting the proper estimate. It will also ensure that your blinds are correctly installed and fit your oddly shaped window well.


Shutters can be customized just as your windows have been. They can be an ideal solution for a window treatment around your non-standard window because they can be custom-made into shapes that are either arches, circles, octagons, or several other non-standard forms.


Shades are available in various shapes and sizes, including triangles and arches. You can also purchase shades of almost any color or texture, which means you can choose virtually any style you want as a window treatment for your non-standard windows. Cellular shades will have a honeycomb design that makes them ideal as an energy-efficient choice and adds considerable style to your windows.

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