In the region around upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina, there is one window treatment company that has established a very solid reputation for honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We are Best Blinds and Shutters, and we’ve had many years in the industry to work on providing the absolute best possible customer service to each and every client who collaborates with us. We already had the honesty and integrity part down pat, because that’s what our family-operated business is all about.

What Does Customer Service Mean To Us?

Really great customer service does include guiding clients to make the right purchases for whatever form of window treatment they’re interested in. After all, we are experts in the business, and it’s only natural that we would share some of our expertise and knowledge with people who are in need of it. But we feel customer service goes beyond just industry-specific knowledge and experience. It also includes a genuine caring for those who come to us, and we feel obliged to treat all our customers like royalty.

It’s pretty simple. We like to apply the following rule of thumb: Treat every customer in the same way you would want to be treated, if our roles were reversed. We know how rare that kind of treatment is in today’s cut-throat business world, and how unusual it is to get a kind word from a sales representative. Our mission is to make all our customers happy with the selections they’ve made, and confident that their chosen window treatments will provide the service they are looking for, long into the future.

Superior Service Throughout The Process

Right from the first time you walk into our store, or from the first moment we visit your home for a consultation, we begin providing that superior kind of service. At every point in the process, we’ll be at your side, explaining options and providing relevant information that will help you with decision-making. It all begins with product selection, and once you’ve made that choice, we can visit your home and take measurements so that installation can be performed expertly. The installation itself will go smooth as silk, because we’ve already done the preliminary work to ensure its success.

We can even be involved prior to the selection process, if you require our advice or recommendations. If you haven’t quite decided what kind of window treatment will work best with your preferences and your objectives for the household, we can help you come to some conclusions. We take everything into consideration in order to make sure you end up with just what you want, rather than having us sell you something we’re trying to remove from inventory. Our benchmark for success is a customer who is 100% satisfied, and who is so impressed with our service that they want to tell all their friends and relatives about us.

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