Many homeowners at least consider the possibility of installing new window treatments themselves, in the hopes of saving some money on labor costs that would be charged by a professional. If you’re experienced at doing this kind of thing, you’ll be better equipped to accomplish it without hassles, but if you’ve never done it before, you should definitely consider leaving it to the pros. According to, more than 1/3 of all homeowners do not feel confident about making accurate measurements of their windows, so they’ll know exactly which window treatments to purchase.

You should also consider what your actual requirements are going to be. For instance, do you have any sliding glass doors, French doors, bay windows, shutters, or specialty shapes that need to be accounted for? If so, you’ll probably want a professional to handle that for you, since measurements and installation can quickly get a little complicated. Also – how many rooms will be receiving new window treatments? If it’s every room in your house, that might be a daunting prospect for a novice window treatment installer, but for a professional, it’ll just be another day at the office.

Benefits of Using a Professional Installer

Apart from the obvious benefit of a professional having years of experience and knowledge about installing any type of window treatment, the pro will also be in possession of all necessary tools to accomplish the job, so he/she will never be interrupted for lack of a needed tool. True, there aren’t a whole lot of tools necessary for installation – a tape measure, screwdriver, drill, and ladder – but some homeowners lack even these basic tools to do the job properly.

Any professional whom you choose to work with should be fully licensed for this kind of work, and should also be insured against any kind of accidents which might occur. It’s entirely possible that you could slip and fall off a ladder, and you could sustain a major injury while installing your new window treatments. That’s the last thing you would want to happen when you’re supposed to be acquiring an exciting new look for your home. Any time you take on a task which you don’t normally do around the home, there is an increased chance of having some kind of mishap.

Level of Complexity

Another factor you should consider when you’re thinking about doing it all yourself or hiring a pro, is the level of complexity of the installation job you’re faced with. For instance, when you’re having vertical blinds installed over sliding glass doors or over wide windows, it can get to be a very frustrating type of task. This is a perfect example of a situation where the experience of a pro would come in handy, and save you the trouble of a somewhat difficult installation.

It can also be pretty tricky to measure and install shutters, especially when your windows don’t have a perfectly square shape. Before attempting to install any new window treatments yourself, be sure to consider these factors, so you don’t end up tired, frustrated, and disappointed with the results.

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